Commercial Cleaning Services

Eco-Friendly Commercial Cleaning Services

We offer an extensive range of cleaning services including commercial cleaning services in Auckland & Whakatane.

Building and office facilities cleaning, strata cleaning, Industrial kitchens, warehouses, and factories are the topmost priority of our commercial cleaning services. These areas have challenging cleaning requirements that are difficult to achieve with just an ordinary vacuum cleaner.


Cleaning is our Passion:- Client Satisfaction is our Goal!
We have highly experienced staff members who are equipped with the latest equipment required for effective cleaning of commercial spaces.
Our commercial cleaners are dedicated to providing Eco-Friendly commercial cleaning services in Auckland for large commercial spaces, high-rise buildings, and industrial sites. Our staff members work in teams to provide the best possible result within a very short time.
In case you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable commercial cleaner in Auckland, Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services is the right choice for all those business owners who want to get cleaning services for their workspace without any trouble.

Commercial cleaning services in Auckland

Why Choose Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services for Commercial Cleaning?

Getting the best commercial cleaning company for your business is not a simple task as many companies offer these kinds of services.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services is one of the best commercial cleaning companies in Auckland offering commercial office cleaning services with great experience in this field. We have gained a name as a trustworthy and reliable company and have become one of the popular choices among small and big businesses.

Our professional cleaning team is well-trained in removing all types of stains, dirt, and dust. With the best cleaning products for keeping businesses clean and hygienic, our professional office cleaners would help you gain more productivity at work.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services is not only popular for their good customer service, but they are also popular because of their affordable prices and complete transparency in billing.

Customized Cleaning Services:

The focus is to satisfy all your necessities for industrial cleaning to make the working space free from dirt or germs. We offer reliable and customized cleaning solutions as per the requirements of your business industry

Professional Commercial Cleaners:

Our highly trained office cleaners in Auckland are exceptionally skilled with the right cleaning equipment to deliver excellent results. As a leading cleaning industry, we provide the best cleaning service to our clients.

All cleaners are very dedicated as they work with enthusiasm and energy which makes your workplace look clean and beautiful. They work very fast and make sure your premises are clean and fresh

High Technology Industrial Cleaning Equipment:

We support high-quality cleaning equipment, such as Tennant t3 floor scrubbers, PACVAC vacuum cleaners, and many more to guarantee zero dirt and dust particles left on the floor. Our expert cleaners can provide their best approach when it comes to office cleaning services in Auckland.

Customer-focused Services:

Each part of our professional cleaning service is intended to guarantee a transparent working deal with our clients with reliable customer care service. Our customer care team in Auckland is well-trained and always available to support customers.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

Our cleaning team believes in providing a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all our clients. We are tailored to deliver a hustle-free cleaning experience for all our professional cleaning services in Auckland. We assure our clients that they are completely satisfied with the results and meet their expectations.


A combination of disinfection and cleaning will be the most effective way in removing harmful viruses such as COVID-19 and others. Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services implements appropriate disinfecting and cleaning measures for your workplace to make sure your workplace is safe. We clean all touch Auckland.


Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services always aims to provide high-level services for your business at an affordable price within your budget. We take a personal interest in meeting all cleaning needs that would be beneficial for you and your business associates.

We use fully eco-friendly office cleaning products that are not harmful to the atmosphere yet provide excellent results. These products are efficient to clean all the stubborn stains and remove debris from the offices.

Professional cleaners know how to use different office cleaning products for various types of surfaces such as carpets, windows, walls & floors, etc. So, choose wisely while hiring one to make your work easy.


Commercial cleaning services in Auckland

Our Main Customers are:

  • Public sector
  • The food-service industry
  • Property and hospitality management
  • The retail and leisure service markets
  • Healthcare service providers

What are Commercial Cleaning Services Included?

Eco-Friendly cleaning services include a wide range of cleaning services for large office areas. From floors to windows, we cover every corner of your commercial building. Our experienced cleaners are dedicated to providing high-quality cleaning services with complete satisfaction to our clients.

Commercial Cleaning Services In Auckland checklist

Eco-friendly Cleaning: Your checklist for premier commercial cleaning in Auckland. Impeccable service, sustainable practices, and a spotless workplace guaranteed.


Eco-Friendly Commercial Cleaning Services Include:

  • Vacuum all carpets, mats, and hard floors
  • Cobweb removing
  • Warehouse floor cleaning
  • Dust cleaning
  • Deep commercial kitchen and benchtop cleaning
  • Commercial window cleaning
  • Strata cleaning services
  • Floor scrubbing
  • Sanitize toilets and washrooms
  • Take out your bins
  • Strata building cleaning services in Auckland
Commercial cleaning services in Auckland

Why Hire a Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services?

Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company can provide several benefits to your business, such as:
Peace of mind – By hiring a professional company, you can rest assured that your building will be well-cleaned and maintained.
Efficiency – A professional team will be able to clean your building quickly and efficiently, without any damage.
Saves time – You can save time and effort by hiring a professional cleaning company instead of cleaning the building yourself. This will offer you enough time to focus on your business.
Cost-effective – Commercial cleaning companies are often more affordable than hiring individual cleaners.
Safety – Professional cleaners are aware of the dangers associated with some types of chemicals and know how to safely clean your building.

How are Commercial Cleaning Services Calculated?

The cost of commercial cleaning can vary. It depends on the size of your office. Many factors can increase commercial cleaning costs such as the size of your office, whether you have carpeted floors or not, the type of office you have, etc.


Things That Can Increase The Cost Of Commercial Cleaning Services in Auckland:

  • If you have a carpeted floor in your office. Carpeted floors take more time to clean as compared to non-carpeted floors. This is because carpets absorb dirt and dust particles and need special care.
  • If you have bathrooms in your office, the cost of cleaning services will increase. This is because there are many germs and bacteria present in the bathroom that may cause serious infections if not cleaned up properly.
  • There are areas in your office that need special care such as the tops of doors, skirting boards, window sills, etc. which increases the cost of commercial office cleaning services.

What is the Commercial Cleaning Cost in Auckland?

Our Flat rate for commercial cleaning is $35 per hour. The average time we take for commercial cleaning depends on the size and number of areas or rooms, whether they are carpeted or not. You can also get customized packages from Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services which can help reduce the overall cost.

The time and cost for commercial cleaning varies depending on the type of service you want to obtain and for how long. Factors like:


  • Size/dimension of office or building – Bigger office takes more time to clean and needs more attention.
  • Type of businesses – Whether it is a shopping mall, office, medical centre, hotel, etc., all these places require different cleaning methods.
  • The quality and quantity of materials used – Higher quality products are expensive, but they last longer. Similarly, the higher quantity of materials required for a large area would be more costly to you as compared to a small place. Apart from these factors the cost also depends on the number of cleaners working in your offices.

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