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Summer Scents for Around Your Home

Summer is finally here and the days are getting warmer, while you can call in a house cleaning service to get your home in shape, there are a few things you can do to help keep your home smelling fresh between house cleaning service visits.

Clean and summery scents do a lot for us, but if you don’t want to use sprays and plug-in air fresheners, burners or melts – you can use a range of natural ingredients to make your home smell clean and fresh.

Lemon – the zesty, clean fragrance of lemon gives you that instant lift. Why not try rubbing a few drops of essential lemon oil on doorknobs, or you can peel a lemon and then twist the peel so that the oils are released. Alternatively, you can simmer some slices of lemon on the stove to scent the air.

Lavender – Find a nice decorative container and pop a handful of dried lavender into it. If you pop it beside your bed in the bedroom, not only will it make your room smell fresh, it will also help give you a relaxing sleep.

Rosemary – Did you know you can burn sprigs of dried rosemary (be sure to place a dish underneath to catch any sparks). This not only cleanses the atmosphere in your home, but the scent is also very refreshing. Rosemary has been used in sickrooms for centuries since it is a time-honoured antimicrobial.

Vanilla – The vanilla bean has properties that reduce odours. Just take 1-2 teaspoons of natural vanilla extract, place it in a small cup and leave it wherever you need the air to be fresher.

Sprays and mists are a great way to add beautiful and natural scents to your home, and, they are proven allies in the fight against germs. Mists and sprays are a simple and effective way of providing some aromatherapy just by using a spray bottle, water and some essential oils. There is nothing easier than spraying a few drops of these antibacterial sprays on bathroom surfaces, doorknobs, telephones – anything you touch – to keep your home smelling sweet.

Essential oils are antibacterial, so they help kill germs. These formulas will keep indefinitely, and your home will smell marvellous – you also won’t have to worry if house guests bring colds with them.

This recipe will make 5 cups of spray. Use it on non-staining surfaces or just spray upwards into the centre of the room – avoid contact with your eyes.


Use an eyedropper to place the following in a small glass jar with a lid (a baby food jar is ideal):

  • 20 drops sweet orange essential oil
  • 10 drops lavender essential oil
  • 10 drops eucalyptus essential oil

Mix well. To use, add 4-8 drops of this base to one cup of purified or distilled water in a spray bottle, shaking to mix. Store in a cool, dark place.

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